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@CologneMike wrote:

This new sub-forum for Limerick looks good as an alternative to our mega thread. Up till now this mega thread has served us well to have all the on going developments over the last three years in a central thread, otherwise a handful of smaller Limerick themed threads would have either gotten lost or would have been duplicated under the 4.000 national threads.

Personally, I would have preferred a larger “regional sub-forum” for our part of the woods like for example “Shannonside” to cover Clare, North Tipperary, Limerick and North Kerry as there is a lot of interaction between builders, developers, architects or areas in transport, health, work, tourism, retailing etc, etc based here within this region.

I think most people from Loop Head to Lough Derg have an interest in issues like for example

  • Proposed Ballylongford LNG Gas Terminal (Kerry)
  • Shannon Airport (Clare)
  • Nenagh-Limerick-Ennis Commuter Trains (Tipperary – Limerick – Clare)
  • Limerick city’s proposed contentious boundary extension (Co. Clare / Co. Limerick)
  • Recent flash floods in Newcastle-West (Limerick)

Secondly, would it not now be logical to split up some of this thread into designated threads or just start new ones?

  • Limerick ~ Georgian Buildings
  • Limerick ~ Docklands
  • Shannon Estuary
  • Regeneration ~ Northside ~ Southside
  • Kings Island
  • (N7, N18, N20 / N21, N24, N69) Road Transport
  • Opera Shopping Centre
  • Remodelling City Centre

Any suggestions?

@Tuborg wrote:

I would definitely be in favour of splitting this thread up a bit, 86 pages and over 2,100 posts is a fairly hefty amount of material to try and sift through and in fairness it’s getting pretty difficult to search for specific topics now aswell!

I think certain topics are probably deserving of their own dedicated threads! Id go for something along the lines of what CologneMike said;

  • City centre developments
  • The Opera centre
  • Docklands redevelopment
  • Limerick transport
  • Georgian core
  • Medieval quarter
  • The regeneration projects

Back in September Paul Clerkin introduced sub-forums for the Ireland forum under which certain topics for Limerick, like for example “The Opera Centre”, “Transport” etc, etc, could be better followed in their own dedicated threads, as they do tend to get lost within our mega thread.

What do you think?

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