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An unusual event occurred over the last week or so with two developments given the go ahead in the “medieval” area of the city! The reason its unusual is because Limerick City Council have shot down a considerable number of applications especially in the Nicholas Street area over the last couple of years.

There has been a lot of noise over the last decade or so about developing Nicholas Street as a tourist attraction, however very little has actually been achieved. The area is currently plagued by vacant premises and wholesale neglect.

The major problem seems to be a lack of a coherent strategy for the rejuvenation of the area. There needs to be some kind of stimulus to attract businesses to locate here. Maybe the Council could reduce the commercial rate or better still waive it for a certain period?

Anyway, the first site is on Bridge Street, just across the road from St Mary’s Cathedral.

Thanks for the link’s and pics. I actually enquired about that site, it’s one of the few remaining prime sites on Nicolas street to be redeveloped.

I must agree with you on the the issue with Nicolas street been a tourist area. it has real potential. Many people by-pass this part of town. Especially since the Northern Relief road was built and the existing street was de trunked completely and made one way. The street need’s good access and sign posting. It’s one of the oldest street’s in the city (if not the oldest part of town). It should be noted.

I live in Dublin, and many of my friends have never seen that part of town. The medieval area. Most people, say oh limerick is just a big block of wide streets. But this is one of the first English towns in the country, with alot of the charactor and architecture intact.As a kid Nicolsas street used to be a thriving area, and traffic used to be horrendus in the summer! Mainly because it was the only East to the North and west artery over to Clare, if you avoided the city centre route. Now thankfully the Relief road adjacent was built.

Anyone seen what the 4 story development would look like? Hope it’s good. This part of town is taking off literally. The newish development on the relief road and Corbally are pretty impressive IMO.

The bridge site looks really promising for ripe fresh redevelopment renaicannce (sorry for spelling) of this street

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