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@J.P wrote:

Tuborg, you say that the cimema is to go ahead in the new phase of the Coonagh Cross Centre. Everyone on the northside of the city has been lamenting the fact that the cinema has been axed from the original plans. I agree with your point that the cinema is badly needed on this side of the city. Why it has taken so long beats me.

Hi J.P, as part of the original application, the developers (Mulcair Well Drilling) got permission for a 10 screen cinema but decided not to go ahead with it. If you were to look back at at the initial plans from around 2002/3, you will notice that the complex has been scaled back fairly significantly since both architecturally and in terms of size! I think the developers realise that now is the time to get cracking on the cinema in an attempt to boost business at the centre. Although whether they will be able to fill the planned new mall is another question!

The biggest problem with the number of suburban shopping centres in Limerick is that retailers looking to enter the Limerick market are unsure as to where is the most suitable location for them. Most of these retailers opt for safe options like the Crescent which is why we end up with the same old names in the other centres. Indeed the planned extension of the crescent (the refusal is being appealed) further highlights the continued popularity of that complex.

@Fairy wrote:

Has any one out there with enough nouce to realise that a City Centered Cinema is an absolute MUST for a City the size of Limerick, surely such an investment could not fail. Youmg and Old are crying out for such a venue. I hear this cry from all City dwellers. not to mention the daily visitors who ask absentmindly , “can your direct me to the local cinema!”!!!!!? I read the trend is nowdays, for older people wanting to move back to the city (as is happening all over the world) for all the obvious reasons. Come on ‘someone fill this necessary void. .confused:

I’ve lost count of the number of suburban cinema proposals that have fallen by the wayside in recent years. Multiscreen cinemas were planned for Parkway Valley and the Childers road retail park before being dropped. There were also plans to add 5 more screens to the storm in Castletroy but this hasnt happened either.

As you say, its absolutely shambolic that the city centre is without a cinema, its a pretty basic requirement really and Limerick must be unique in Ireland (and probably Europe) in not having one.

In my opinion, a cinema in the vicinity of the opera centre would be an option worth pursuing, considering the increased levels of footfall the centre will generate. There are plenty of under-utilised sites on Michael Street that would be suitable for such a development.

Alternatively, a cinema could be accomodated in the proposed redevelopment of the Aurthurs Quay area!

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