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My suspicion (but I read The Prince too often) is that they are looking to draw a foul with the Ellen st changes as we’d say in GAA circles so as to delay the start of the project (while having an reasonable excuse for their banks) until they think they can get the best value for their construction Euro and be hitting completion just as the economy picks up.

Well they might have another “excuse” now if this story drags on. Limerick City Council, the developers and Trinity Rooms have been at each others throats quite a bit lately, Trinity Rooms are already worried about the impact on their business during the construction of the opera centre.

Land dispute could delay Opera Centre

The area outside the Trinity Rooms which is subject to a planning oral hearing

By David Hurley

A ROW over a tiny plot of land, which will be the subject of a contentious public hearing next month, could further delay the construction of the multi-million euro Opera Shopping Centre.
Management at one of Limerick’s most popular nightclubs are seeking to halt proceedings initiated by Limerick City Council to acquire a footpath at Bank Place near the Granary, which they argue, is located outside one of the main entrances to the complex.

An Bord Pleanala has confirmed a full oral hearing, which will cost thousands of euro, will be held at the Castletroy Park Hotel on September 3 next after the Trinity Rooms formally objected to the CPO proceedings.

The tiny piece of land, which is less than 100 square metres in size has no registered owner but according to a spokesperson for Limerick City Council it is in “the charge” of the local authority.

A number of other plots of land and properties at adjacent streets have already been acquired by Limerick City Council in order to pave the way for the construction of the Opera Centre, which could cost up to €250 million.

In a detailed submission to an Bord Pleanala Managing Director of the Trinity Rooms, Pat Barry, states: “The proposed CPO will put the day to day running of my business and its 103 employees at risk and cause hardship to my employees, suppliers and customers as the main access point via Bank Place will no longer have a public right of way.”

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