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Sounds like its a bit too early to dismiss it completely just yet. I think most people would agree that large single use speculative developments can and do usually impact negatively on their surroundings.

However there are at least 10 listed buildings in those few blocks and the development plan maps show that the area in question is of archaelogical significance. I would imagine that would prevent the wholesale demolition of the entire area. (even if all the other relevant issues are overlooked) The granary is a great building, one of those ones that made me want to do study architecture, and the Ormstons building on the corner of Ellen St. is another gem among others. I think Arthur’s Quay and the Dunnes Stores on Sarsfield St certainly set a bad precedent, but on balance, the new Dunnes Stores on Henry St. and the apartments facing the river constitute one the few decent developments in the city in recent years.

The area around Patrrick St has great potential especially, the Cahill May Roberts building and the shed looking structures at the corner of Michael St. There’s a real opportunity to create successful public space in the area and there’s a need for shopping to be part of it. The junction of Rutland St/ Charlotte Quay is the natural centre of the city – where English Town, Irish Town and Newtown Perry meet along with the Shannon and Abbey Rivers. There’s a great mix of buildings and uses in the area, the city hall, St. Marys cathedral, Hunt Museum, Potato Market, the Art College, The Granary as well as plenty of bars, restaurants and offices and the marina too. At present though, the area seems a bit overlooked by most people visiting the city centre, the focal point being at O’Connell St./ William St. – not exactly the most inspiring image to greet anyone, be they native or visitor. On the other hand, wouldn’t be great to sail down from Kilaloe passing by the wilderness along the Shannon and Park canal to be suddenly in the middle of a busy city centre, I can just see the 2010 Limerick all Ireland hurling champions pulling up in their boat to be greeted by cheering thousands along the river, confetti streaming from the rooftops, fire works over the Shannon and all the rest of it.

I guess what i’m getting at is that; for any public space to function succesfully, there needs to be a sufficient concentration of people and activities in the area to support it, among other factors .That is why Arthur’s Quay Park does not work at present and why new shops (especially a large department store) in the area around the Granary could be good for the area and the city as a whole. A new development perhaps incorpoating a hotel and apartments ( they aren’t all bad) , senstive to its context could be a very exciting project a the end of the day.

Hopefully we won’t be greeted some day with Willie O’dea rambling on to some property page editor about Dundrum style atriums (ugh) and 20000 car parking spaces etc. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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