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Depressing article for Limerick in yesterday’s Sunday Tribune about Dunnes and future of LImerick shopping in general. I can understand Sarsfield St shutting down with the more modern Henry Street one just around the corner. I agree with the point about overshopped. With Opera Centre and Cresent extension coming on stream, is there really a need for yet another major complex out at Parkway Valley – what with existing Parkway SC , retail park and Childers Road centres within a stones throw? Are there any anchor tenants left who would even consider anchoring it. All major names are already represented in existing centres or ones under development. Article below.

DUNNES Stores is to close its shops at Sarsfield Street and O’Connell Street in Limerick next month, according to local reports. The department store has also decided to cease 24-hour trading at the Jetland shopping centre in the city. Limerick is facing a significant oversupply of shopping space at present.
“There’s far too many shops in the city. People have been saying this for ages,” said one leading retail expert.
“Limerick is overshopped. It’s as simple as that. There’s about a million square feet of retail park space lying vacant there,” said another source.
The city centre has also been struggling, with anecdotal evidence suggesting the number of vacant shops there is rising. Five shops at Sarsfield Street alone have closed in recent months.
The Opera Centre is the latest shopping centre planned for the town and Marks & Spencer will anchor that scheme. Jerry O’Reilly, Terry Sweeney and David Courtney bought the site for the shopping centre last year. The developers and hoteliers are involved in several joint ventures together including Superquinn. Rival developer Liam Carroll is also planning a major new shopping centre at Parkway Valley.
Retail research company Crest’s annual shopping centre review ranked three shopping centres in Limerick amongst the 10 worst performers in the country. In 50th and last place was Jetland shopping centre while Castletroy and Parkway were also in the bottom ten.

Whoever wrote it is very stupid.

Second. Parkway and Sarsfield street stores have been performing bad, because Dunne’s stores has built news stores nearyby of both of the existing ones, one at the Childer’s road retail park, only a few feet away. The other City centre Sarsfield street Dunne’s has been left underfunded for years. While a much more sucessful Dunne’s opened up a few feet further up at the Henry street corner. The Henry street store is thriving. So Whoever wrote that article is a gobshite 🙂 And clearly forget to mention the facts.

Dunne’s were realistically going to move out of Sarsfield street anyhoo, its just painfully taking years to do so. I’m glad they finally are getting rid of the Sarsfield street store. We can hopefully see this old block open up for redevelopment now.

The Castletroy S.C is doing pretty fine too. It only a neighbourhood S.C with a few retail units and a superquinn. That article is very misleading, in how it was presented and written.

Parkway is closing down soon, tenants moving out and its one of the oldest S.C in the country. Of course it’s assumeable that it won’t perform as it did. Parkway S.C was very busy and popular years ago, when it was one of the first shopping centres to start out.

That article is VERY deceptive. The person who wrote has an issue with Limerick progressing 😀 poor fecker.

Pity he didn’t post his name 😉

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