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@dave123 wrote:

The reality is only a few extra Georgion building’s would be knocked which is on Ellen street, The rest of the Gerogian will still be retained. Look at the entire lenght of Patrick street every single Georgian on that side is being restored. In fact it looks like the georgion facades will be improved here. Please stop whinging. There is pros and cons to ANY development. The Pros far outwiegh the cons. The whole scheme is revised. We need this development. Otherwise the city will lose out to the suburbs. Please balance the focus here.

The new design, feel, layout, architecture, frontage and proportion of the development is now drastically better. The opening’s onto Patricks street is a million times better than the old design. I much prefer this re -design than the saving 3 or so dereclict Georgian buildings with the crappy old design

So all in all its better. This will be one of the most positive developments coming to the city. I’m not going to sit and here whinging over 3 or 4 georgian buildings FFS. When you have got to look at the overall. The nit picking here on the Opera centre is now old. This is really holding this city behind. The city centre needs retail space to compete with the suburbs. Right now Limerick is falling behind the rest. So you either sit here and whinge about it, and in a few years you will sit and whinge how there is no proper retail experience within the CBD. You decide.

I think its apparent at this stage that you are a bit of a development at all costs merchant, personally I prefer to take a more considered approach. When a proposal like this comes along, its dangerous to dive straight in and think wow that looks fantastic, lets build it! Its essential to examine it in detail, you seem to be under the impression that developers always get it right, they dont! You also seem to be blinded by the fact that the plans have been re-drawn, yes the new blueprint is a massive improvement on the previous design but it can still be tweaked for the better. Everyone here wants whats best for the city and considering the opera centre is going to have such a massive impact on the city, we should be striving for the best possible outcome in terms of architectural design and also in terms of striking a proper balance between redevelopment and conservation. Theres no point in settling for a second rate development and regretting it in the years ahead!

You’re completely wrong btw with your statement about Patrick Street. With the exception of the Catherine Hayes house, the buildings here arent being restored, its merely their facades that are being retained, theres a big difference. You go on as if we should somehow be grateful for this token level of heritage protection, facade retention is the very least we should accept.

So Im “whinging about “3 or 4 georgian buildings” am I? It is in fact six buildings that are proposed for demolition and as far as I’m concerned, the loss of these buildings would have a major adverse effect on the character of the area. I think it would be more in your line to look carefully at what is being proposed to replace these buildings on Ellen Street instead of making foolish and childish statements. Your attitude about the loss of historical buildings shows a high degree of ignorance, have you not realised that the sorry state of much of the city centre is a direct result of similar short sighted attitudes in years gone by?

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