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@Tuborg wrote:

It seems Regeneration Developments have been wooing the city councillors with a presentation of their plans for the opera centre!:rolleyes:

Interesting to note how easily seduced Cllr Leddin was!:rolleyes: It has been reported elsewhere that one of the main reasons why the developers want to widen Ellen Street is to accomodate a service area. If Limerick City Council sanction the demolition of the Ellen Street buildings to facilitate this service area I think It’ll be the final nail in the coffin of proper planning in Limerick. The developers insistence that these buildings “have to be demolished” is absolutely laughable. The only reason they’re spouting this nonsense is to suit their own agenda, they couldnt be arsed repairing these buildings and instead want to inflict this substandard design on us to squeeze in a couple of extra square metres of retail space.

Even if LCC give this the go-ahead in its current form (which is extremely likely), its almost certain that it’ll go forward to An Bord Pleanala. This would add another year to the saga, something which is totally avoidable. I really cant understand Regeneration Developments logic here, their whole attitude smacks of sheer ignorance and arrogance. If only they would adhere to ABPs original stipulation a line could be drawn under this sorry saga.

The reality is only a few extra Georgion building’s would be knocked which is on Ellen street, The rest of the Gerogian will still be retained. Look at the entire lenght of Patrick street every single Georgian on that side is being restored. In fact it looks like the georgion facades will be improved here. Please stop whinging. There is pros and cons to ANY development. The Pros far outwiegh the cons. The whole scheme is revised. We need this development. Otherwise the city will lose out to the suburbs. Please balance the focus here.
The new design, feel, layout, architecture, frontage and proportion of the development is now drastically better. The opening’s onto Patricks street is a million times better than the old design. I much prefer this re -design than the saving 3 or so dereclict Georgian buildings with the crappy old design

So all in all its better. This will be one of the most positive developments coming to the city. I’m not going to sit and here whinging over 3 or 4 georgian buildings FFS. When you have got to look at the overall. The nit picking here on the Opera centre is now old. This is really holding this city behind. The city centre needs retail space to compete with the suburbs. Right now Limerick is falling behind the rest. So you either sit here and whinge about it, and in a few years you will sit and whinge how there is no proper retail experience within the CBD. You decide.

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