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Limerick is expected to be ahead in econmic terms over the next decade with vairous investments, changes and developments facing the city.

Silent revolution puts Limerick in winning position

LIMERICK city is poised to outperform the rest of the country in economic terms over the next decade, with investment set to surpass that planned for any other part of Ireland.

Major investments include a one billion euro input into the city centre’s Opera Centre and Arthur’s Quay retail developments, a 500 million euro project along an eight acre site from Sarsfield Bridge to the Hunt Museum (including the demolition and redevelopment of such retail outlets as Dunnes Stores, Penneys, the Revenue Commissioner’s Office and the current Arthur’s Quay Centre. Also coming on stream are new riverside walks, restaurants and cafes, a park, cinema complex, extensive underground car parking, outdoor performance space and a visual and performance arts centre.

“The reality is that Limerick City is currently in the middle of a silent revolution that is gradually transforming it into a modern, dynamic European city,” says Mr Power, one of the country’s leading economists who is also confident that the Opera Shopping Centre will further enhance the retail potential of the city’s central core zone.

“This site includes the landmark Granary building and there are also a number of other proposed developments in the city centre, ranging from a new city library to office and residential developments on Henry Street.

Allied to this optimistic forecast, Conor O’Connell, secretary of the Construction Industry Federation, Mid West Branch has predicted a positive outlook for the city and region in terms of significant infrastructural projects.

Critical of the “three local authorities role in thwarting the city’s development,” Mr Power favours a single local authority structure for the city which evokes the response from Deputy Jan O’Sullivan that the Environment Minister, John Gormley should now “bite the bullet” to set up a Boundary Commission. .,

“In view of this report and Mr Power’s comment, the time is now more opportune than ever to extend Limerick’s boundary,” she said.

With a view to securing an expert analysis on the economic profile of Limerick city, the report was commissioned by the Limerick based developer, Ger Clohessy.

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