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That part of town = souless. There is nothing but pre 18century ugly builidings that is seen in every other Irish town accross the country. It would real to say thats in one of the most neglected part of town right now. One or two Gateway towers would be awesome, when approaching town from the south, if they are built to a high standard and design etc. The Riverpoint is a good example where, people were afraid it would ruin the city skyline. It didn’t. Also Keepaneyeobob, there is nothing wrong with building new apartments in the city, as long as there are not awful in design. There are some fantastic new apartment complexes around town, not all of course though

I agree there’s nothing inherently wrong with apartment complexes, and certainly I think the higher level development by the riverfront is great, and am happy to see more of it.

However, I do object to this “flatten it all” attitude that has seen Limerick end up with less historical building stock and more crummy poorly thought out buildings (some of which themselves are to be knocked). It is arrogance to think that all 2008 designs will be so great and modern that they will have the permanance of the old buildings.

You say that part of town is soulless. I beg to differ. It is dreary and run down, and yes the buildings are typical of other places in Ireland. That is the point though, we are in Ireland and the buildings contribute to the authentic indigenous character (i.e. we don’t have to make up plastic stuff for tourists). Even paint would spruce up some of the less run-down buildings, and indeed already has helped (e.g. at the William/Gerald Griffin st corner). The streetscape is also a contributing factor to the run down feeling. William street despite some decrepid buildings would not be half as bad if it had a decent streetscape (although a pity they didn’t bring in the chewing gum tax).

Some of the old buildings are actually very distinctive in that area, for example the building near the corner of Gerald Griffin St. and Sexton St. that has timber frame on the outside. Quite run down but worth doing up. New buildings around there could be good, but they could just as easily be soulless monstrousities that will be as depressing as run-down old buildings in just a matter of 5-10 years.

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