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Firstly, great to finally see the publication of ‘An Introduction ot the Architectural Heritage of Limerick City’, published by the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. A profusely illustrated volume it adds significantly to our knowledge of the archtiectural heritage of the city and should be an excellent guide for planners, developers and the interested public.

Secondly, a colleague of mine who checked the plans of the Opera Centre in the planning section of Limerick Council is enthused with the proposals: sections of which he copied for my examination. There appears to be significant improvements relative to the original plans. These include multiple openings onto RutlandPatrick street, the retentionconstruction of two stand-alone shops in Rutland Street and a much improved entrance at the Cahill May Roberts site. Visually, the proposed centre appears far more attractive than the previous layout. In my opinion the construction of the proposed Opera Centre as detailed in these plans would greatly enhance Limerick’s attractiveness as a shopping city and be a welcome addition to its architectural landscape.

I think many people are unduly suspicious of the developers motives in submitting revised plans for the centre. The fact is, that the original Belfast developer who initially acquired most of the present site submittted plans that were very limited and unimaginative. Subsequently this developer’s stake was bought out by new investors who proceeded to acquire additional buildings including Hartmann, Emerald etc etc. The incluson of these buildings together with the Granary necessitated a revised planning application. I genuinely consider that this revised planning application is far better that the original one that received permission from An Bord Pleanana. I wonder what others who viewed the Revised Application think.

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