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I wonder why these streets are considered less significant now than they were back in 2004, when the area of conservation was drawn up? Looks like the City Council are bending over to the developers again. This is obvious proof that they are really anxious for this development to proceed. Nothing wrong with that but the wholesale removal of streets from the conservation list is not the way to do business and runs the risk of setting an unwelcome precedent.

It is true though that much of the city centre now looks to be up for redevelopment. We know about the Arthur’s Quay area, but it also seems that a whole host of other city centre blocks are being looked at. The city centre strategy identifies the Brown Thomas site along with the blocks between Bedford Row/Sarsfield Street, Shannon Street/Bedford Row and Thomas Street/Roches Street as potential future development opportunites. A portion of William Street at the junction with Foxes Bow is also up for consideration. Of course all these buildings are in private ownership and theres no guarantee that wholesale redevelopment will take place.

How would posters here feel about these potential redevelopment opportunities? Theres no doubt that much of Lower O Connell Street is pretty shabby at the moment and certainly the likes of Brown Thomas, Bank of Ireland and Dunnes Stores would be no loss. It will be interesting to see what effects the streetscape renewal project will have on O Connell Street, will we see a repeat of the widespread upgrading and refurbishment of buildings that occurred on Bedford Row/ Thomas Street? An improvement in the quality of retailers is definitely required.

Below is O Connell Street at its junction with Shannon Street (kpmarek). As you can see only 4 buildings retain their original brickwork, the rest have theirs hidden behind either cement or some form of cladding. It would do wonders for the appearance of the street if the original facades were revealed again and sash windows installed. Does Limerick City Council have any guidelines regarding the standard of shopfronts and facades in the city centre?

Attached is an image of the same part of O Connell Street c.1910.

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