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@KeepAnEyeOnBob wrote:

Hello folks, newbie here. There has been talk of development of the block between Sarsfield Bridge and Arthurs Quay, I saw it had cropped up in this thread.

One question, is there any way that the Debenhams building can be secured for being retained? I’m not any kind of expert, but it’s surely a fine example of 30s architecture, probably about the only one in Limerick, and a landmark building in the city. It looks really good since they painted it for the Roches->Debenhams changeover.

It’s absolutely crazy there’s any talk of knocking it.

Also, does anyone know what the structure being built on the Old Dublin Road at the bottom of the hill beside the high voltage lines is for? Is it some kind of infrastructure for the Parkway Valley on the other side of the Dublin Road proper (e.g. power substation), or is it really a commercial development that close to the power lines?

What is the actual status of this Opera Centre idea? Is it pie in the sky?

How did anyone give permission for the monstrosity of an office block on O’Connell St. opposite the old Co. co. buildings. It’s ugly even just for a modern building, and compounding that it’s plonk in between the Georgian townhouses. I note no-one has moved in even though its been built months. How much on it’s knocked down again inside the next 10 years?

Does anyone else think the new building on Bedford Row would have been nicer with the restored church facade as the building facade proper rather than entombing it in a modern building frame?

The old Roches Building is a lot better than Penneys next door – Its so long since it was Cannocks I cant remember if this was a ‘quality’ building previously. But if the Roches building was to be sacrificed for a ahigh quality civic building – a Limerick Pompidou centre perhaps then Id be all for it..sadly I cant see this happening.

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