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New Pery gate is very, very stylish (Limerick Post)

by Marie Hobbins

Fifth park entrance built at cost of 100,000 euro.

TWO notable occasions for Limerick Civic Trust to celebrate this Saturday and Sunday, mark milestone events in the diary of Limerick Civic Trust.

A colourful celebration of the opening of an impressive new entrance to the People’s Park by Mayor Ger Fahy at 2pm on Sunday, will be attended by Sylvia, Countess of Limerick, and her son, Edmond, the seventh Earl of Limerick.

The Pery Gate, located at the junction of Upper Mallow Street (Reeves Path) and the Boherbuoy access from Limerick Railway Station, has been completed in a record two months. The imposing and decorative corner entrance, estimated at a cost of 100,000 euro, is set to become another eyecatching city landmark.

Recommended to Limerick City Council by Civic Trust director, Denis Leonard. last year, the project was in line with other upgrading works to the pavements outside the City Gallery, refurbishment of the main park entrance, the installation of 20 new benches (suitable for people with disabilities and the elderly), an upgrading of the park’s pavilion and band stand and a complete refurbishment of the old park kiosk.

Mr Leonard’s reason for a new park entrance was that many visitors entering the park at Pery Square and heading for the rail and bus station were unaware that there was no nearby exit.

He further contended that for people alighting from trains and buses at Colbert Station, a convenient entrance within viewing distance from the station, would encourage them to visit the park and the museum and enjoy all they have to offer.

Designed by Seamus Carr Architects, from an outline sketch by the Limerick portrait artist and director of the National Gallery, Tom Ryan and constructed by McCarthy and Woulfe Builders, the new entrance is a forerunner to a 30 feet high obelisk that will detail 1,000 years of Limerick history.

On Sunday, the Boherbuoy Brass and Reed Band will lead a distinguished gathering from the Pery entrance to the Bandstand, where they will entertain the gathering with a recital.

On the evening before, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Limerick Civic Trust, Minister O’Dea will launch a history of the Trust documented by its founder, Denis Leonard.

Looks well, just hope this gem of a park does not get “overrun” as a short-cut between the railway station and Barrington Street? The junction of Parnell Street and Mallow Street where this new gate situated can be a hassle to crossover at times.

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