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An interesting but highly unlikely concept for O Connell Street!

Councillor keen for full pedestrianisation of the city’s main thoroughfare

By Petula Martyn

THE full pedestrianisation of O’Connell Street would bring more retailers and shoppers to the heart of Limerick, according to a City Councillor.
The city council originally planned to pedestrianise the city’s main thoroughfare from Sarsfield Street to Roches Street and Cllr Joe Leddin wants these plans to be fully implemented. He believes the scale of the works planned should not be reduced in size by the local authority.

Limerick City Council revealed an ambitious €50m pedestrianisation plan for O’Connell Street in 2007 once the construction of a proposed orbital route around the city centre is complete.

A major change in the flow of traffic will be required in order for the plan to work. As a designated gateway city, Limerick is entitled to funding from the National Development Plans Gateway City initiative.

Cllr Leddin said: “I have fully supported from the beginning the pedestrianisation plans which were brought before the council and the benefits in terms of the visual attractiveness of the city centre are now clearly evident on Bedford Row and Thomas Street.

“People and families can now walk freely and safely around these pedestrianised areas without having to negotiate traffic,” he said.

“Traders on these streets have stated openly how their business has increased and more importantly these pedestrianised streets have brought new retailers and shops into the heart of the city,” he added.

The proposed inner orbital route will circle the city in a clockwise direction, from Mallow Street, Henry Street, Arthurs Quay, Charlottes Quay, Clare Street, Cathedral Place, Sexton Street, Parnell Street and back onto Mallow Street.

Cllr Leddin said this orbital route can adequately deal with the traffic implications of pedestrianising O’Connell Street.

The matter is due to be raised at the next roads SPC meeting on January 14.

Limerick Leader

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