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@CologneMike wrote:

Third time lucky!

Limerick 37 to return to the Market’s Field in the near future? 😎

Or maybe not!

Radical plan for 10,000 seat stadium in Cals Park

THE Limerick Leader has learned that talks are at a “crucial and sensitive” stage in securing a state of the art indoor sports and events stadium which could hold over 10,000 people.
The Hyde Road site has been earmarked as the venue for the massive development, which could be home to Limerick soccer and also possibly be used for international concerts and conferences.

A number of interested parties, including Limerick City Council, the FAI, the Limerick Regeneration Board and Limerick District Management Committee are believed to be involved in talks regarding the possibility of building the facility.

The chief executive of the Limerick Regeneration Agencies, Brendan Kenny, confirmed that Regeneration officials were involved in the talks and that proposals for Caledonian Park would be included in the Regeneration Vision Document, which is released in January.
“We would very much love to have a state of the art sporting facility in the area,” said Mr Kenny.

Mr Kenny could not confirm the size of the stadium being discussed but said that the mooted capacity figure of 10,500 wasn’t faroff the mark.
The Limerick Leader was this week shown a document which showed how far the secret negotiations have come along.

The document published by the Limerick Football Partnership, which consists of all schoolboys, ladies and junior and senior teams in Limerick, details the group’s infrastructure requirements.

Cllr Jim Long, who is a representative for the area in which the stadium may be built, said that City Council is in negotiations to purchase ground owned by CIE next to the council-owned Guinness site on Carey’s road, which also borders on the Caledonian Park site.

“It’s my understanding that talks are at a crucial and sensitive stage between City Council, the FAI, the Regeneration Boards, CIE, the LDMC and representatives from the Limerick senior soccer scene,” said Cllr Long.

The article is a bit short on detail, although the notion that an indoor arena could become “a home” for Limerick soccer is a bit ridiculous. Im not sure how big this proposed site is but if the city council are getting involved, why not go the whole hog and finally develop a proper stadium that senior soccer in the city so badly needs and deserves! Im not sure about the markets field, it looks like that site will more than likely be sold to the highest bidder.

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