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@Paris Jack wrote:

You can’t stop progress! No-matter how hard you try to stop developments like this you’re just going to have to live with it in the end! If developers with enough power and money start making plans for these sensitive sites then it’s only a matter of time before it happens! If you think this is completely unrealistic then you have no idea mate! A 32-storey building is nothing thesedays for Gods sake! Whether it’s in the those wetlands or not! I agree these wetlands should be protected, but I also believe in the growth that Limerick City has to make in the 21st century! I personally know several major developers (not including my uncle) who have been keeping their eyes on some of these stretches of riverbank… so don’t be surprised if one of these days you see a fifty or sixty-storey icon somewhere in those wetlands! A development of this magnitude can be incorporated into the wetlands quite easily actually… and you know, if certain people in Limerick don’t like it then they do have the option of moving to Cork, or Dublin!

The reality here is about MONEY!!! You wave enough of it around and you’ll see exactly what you’ll end up with! And if you think a few local cavemen “politicians” are going to put their foot on on then don’t kid yourself! Where there is massive construction/development and money there is also massive corruption! They can’t exist without each other! But try telling some people that! The thing is also, I know for a fact (100%) that there are major developments such as these coming to Limerick… so like it or not, things are going to change a lot more than you might ever imagine!

I’ve nothing against progressive developments, but surely the recent flooding in England has proved for once and for the all the ultimate stupidity in building on flood plains and wetlands. These places exist for a reason.

Considering the length of time it took to build Riverpoint, 13 storeys, I think you’re being over optimistic that the developer, is actually serious about this. Chances are he really wants to build a new steam boat quay but wants to sell it as lower Manhattan.

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