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Paris Jack

@CologneMike wrote:

Very true Jack, ignoring negative posting could be the threads funeral in the end.

By “raising the bar” I meant of course in the interest of the thread itself.

The truth is by taking a negative attitude in expressing your opinions it just turns people off from engaging in discussing new topics any further! Look at the crap you hurled at jimg, it certainly wasn’t very positive in nature?

By the way topics on Limerick scumbags, Dublin journalists, Munich women, Shit holes etc, etc. are best dealt with on the Limerick Boards. Here it’s all about Bricks and Mortar!

By constructive criticism I meant one argues his/her case as to why he/she disagrees with any given topic. Reacting for example to the “Conference Centre” by dismissing it out right by calling it “farcical” in your very first line just kills off engaging with you in a discussion on it’s merits!

Hey instead of generalising be specific about what area and developments you are talking about otherwise nobody knows exactly what you are on about.

Mike, with all due respect, why do you feel you have to explain every little detail to us? Hmm….is there some other problem here, or what? We’re not ten years old you know! We perfectly understood everything you spoke about the first time round! You don’t have to keep explaining every single word to everyone like they have special needs or something! Please stop trying to patronize people here Mike with all of this condescending immature crap! You can’t stop people from venting their own opinions and frustrations, no-matter how hard you try! That’s what it means to have a two-way discussion, or a fifty-way discussion for that matter! People are perfectly entitled to spaek their minds! You would think that people on this forum would be mature and grown up enough to understand that! We can all still be friends and agree to disagree without attacking each other!

You conveniently “forgot” to include when I explained to jimg what I really meant by that statement also! Again, I was not talking directly to jimg! I specifically explained that!

Bottom line here is that I’m a very out-spoken, no-bullshit kind of guy! I like to tell it how it really is! I don’t like crap and I don’t like people who pretend to be something they are clearly not! It’s just a pity more people on here don’t tell it how it really is!!!

Mike, you do not solve problems by burying your head in the sand – you have to face them and deal with it! I’ve never run away from anything or anyone in my life, that’s how my mother raised me, and that’s the way I am! While some people are discussing “bricks and mortar” ?(red bricks I’m assuming:rolleyes: ) and back lanes and alleys, some of us are looking at ways of building beautiful buildings and bringing some real architecture and a real sense of style and quality to Limerick City! You have absolutely no idea as to some of the lenghts I am going to to try and achieve this!!! Are these the actions of a guy who hates Limerick, Ireland, etc, etc! The frustration comes from when we are subjected to people in Limerick (elsewhere in Ireland too, I know, but we are discussing Limerick here so that’s all that matters) who are who are clearly braindead when it come to construction and quality architecture! And it rolls right off their backs! Why? Because they don’t care, and because there is plenty of money to be made out of rubbish!! Hundreds of grands for what? I wouldn’t board my fucking dog in some of those “luxury” apartments/complexes!!!

People need to come together here and discuss why, and how Limerick should really change/look! Wouldn’t that be interesting!? Talk about what really needs to be done to bring Limerick in line and make it a city that people love and care about! By using all the negatives and positives of course! Limerick City (and I’ve said it a million times) has fantastic potential, big open broad streets, great location in Ireland, and of course, the beautiful Shannon river straight through the middle … but, this is a city that has been, and is continually let down terribly over the years!:(

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