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Its interesting to note that despite all the talk about the docklands redevelopment it seems to be very much full steam ahead for the park canal restoration,i thought this would be put on the back burner for a while but listening to an interview with the new mayor, a new masterplan has been published for the area between lock quay and the university of limerick,and about time too, this area has huge potential,the area immediately south of lock quay is a fairly prominent and visible area as one travels on the old dublin road. It is in serious need of redevelopment especially as many new buildings(such as the barringtons development) sprung up in recent years,this area rather undermines these improvements


The Park Canal was constructed in 1757-1758 to transport goods to and from Limerick City. The canal system was invaluable in the transport of heavy goods, such as turf, potatoes, coal and, in particular, Guinness. But by 1929, with modernisation of transport and the building of the electricity generation station at Ardnacrusha, the canal had become obsolete and fell into dilapidation.
The majority of structures and buildings along the canal are located between Lock Quay and Park Bridge. To the north side of Lock Quay there are two derelict buildings in a prominent location with potential for renovation to compatible uses. The lock gates were replaced recently as part of the Limerick Main Drainage Project. A terrace of partly-dilapidated buildings to the south bank of the canal have potential for redevelopment. Further east the old Guinness warehouses are derelict and subject to a demolition order.

Generally it is proposed that improvement works are concentrated at the two main focal points of Lock Quay and Park Bridge, and along the southern bank of the canal. It is envisaged that the northern bank would retain its informal character, and with the addition of fishing platforms, while the southern bank would accommodate a continuous cycleway, improved surfaces, lighting and street furniture. The first phase of the Canal Restoration Project will allow its banks to be opened up for leisure and amenity purposes, while providing the catalyst for a variety of potential canalside development projects, such as a sports museum, craft shops, some residential, cafes and parks. Other initiatives should include the introduction of facilities for watercraft, and the creation of canal bank walks and cycling paths.

Phase 2 of the project would include:

Renovation of the two buildings to the north side of Lock Quay (e.g. for refreshment and/or interpretation uses);
Redevelopment of the terraced buildings to the south side of the canal by Lock Quay;
Redevelopment of the Guinness Building;
Redevelopment of land on south side of canal between the proposed Corbally Link Road and Park Road;
Possible provision of public car park to southwest of Park Bridge to serve canal users;
Possible redevelopment of land to the south of Canal Bank, between Park Road and Plassey Walk;
Creation of a canal basin between Park Bridge and the railway bridge providing berthing and related facilities

i’ve found some good detailed plans of the area but they’re too big to be posted as this site has a 290kb limit or something 😡

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