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i think the plans for the redevelopment of limerick are the very minimum of what needs to be done to the city. i also think that they are good ideas, every one of them. arthur’s quay sc is a monstrosity, as are the blocks with penny’s and dunnes stores, and cruises street is cheap looking. william street should be renovated to restore something of its georgian character, but i dont see why it should be completely demolished – only on the lower end where all those brown brick buildings make you want to vomit when you look at them. Also, i would suggest that the sarsfield building ought not be knocked down as it’s quite pretty, and arthur’s quay park should remain but be improved in appearance. Consider that if that sarsfield building is knocked down, every block facing onto arthur’s quay park would be demolished, thereby allowing the fronts of all the new buildings to face onto the park. if some of the trees where taken out, and the road eliminated, it would take on the character of a plaza in front of what will, presumably, be showpiece modern buildings for limerick city centre. in particular the site of the dunnes building offers the opportunity for something exceptional. if there if a concern about an excess of retail space, i would suggest that be the location for the science museum which is proposed for dublin. i would also suggest the demolition of the block opposite brown thomas (which should itself either be demolished or improved in appearance), but that nothing be built in its place, so that you would have one of these so-called ‘european’ open spaces right in the centre of town. this square would be flanked by 1. the new buildings currently on bedford row, 2. the improved facade of brown thomas, 3. whatever is built to replace the roches stores block, 4. the franciscan church. seems like a no-brainer to me.

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