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@vkid wrote:

There’s a good image on the front of the Leader today but i’ve no scanner. Lots of tall/glassy/shiny buildings
Main points are
– New civic and cultural center with European style open spaces including a floating concert arena(?), swimming baths, waterways center, pedestrian bridge and water features
– A new high rise business district at Bishops Quay to compliment The Riverpoint
– A new city village with redevelopment of the Watergate flats area and redesign of the Milk Market area
– A retail district to include the demolition of the Cruises street area
– Full Georgian city regeneration with the development of winter gardens and quality mews at the rear of buildings with high quality residential in the upper 2 floors and basements with retail/office on ground and first floors

Will be no loss to see the back of Sarsfield house. It is planned to be replaced by a glass tower based loosely on the idea of the Beetham tower in Manchester.
Seems this all could be part of the earlier talk of demolishing the Pennys/Debenhams/Arthurs Quay/Liddy Street area’s and now also includes the Cruises street area. I assume the opera Center will be worked in there somehow.
Interesting to see new(ish) structures like Arthurs Quay and Cruises Street being demolished..all less than 20 years old. Same with the Savoy in recent times. 80’s developments were never pretty in Limerick anyway so no loss imo.

I’d imagine the liddy/AQ SC and pennys is part of the new plan. It would be well odd, if these grand plans for the city got the go ahead, with still one massive eysore still left to face in the city.

The CBD at Bishops Quay with tall buildings is defenately a thumbs for me! It would give Limerick a sense glory and a new found confidence with all the gleaming glass high rises facing the onto the city and the river Shannon. It would be some sight coming from Caherdavin!…

What are the plans for cruise’s street if its get’s knocked?

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