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@justnotbothered wrote:

Colonge Mike, give me a call next time you’re in Limerick and I’ll take you for a drive to rush hour traffic outside the Bishop’s House. There is no way the NCR in it’s current state can support major building at that point. As it stands there’s 5 schools feeding on that road, not to mention the residental and throughway traffic.

Quite the contrary, the 6.4 acre Bishops House site would be ideal for a family orientated apartment complex with under ground car parking and mature landscaped gardens.

The Obvious advantages for building apartments here

(1) Living and schooling locally.

Three schools right next door i.e. 100 – 200 metre walking distance. That means people living locally would have first preference to the local schools and not the reality of having a majority of pupils travelling per car from outside the catchment area. For example I see Chieftains have plans for 200 homes in Clonconnane (behind Coonagh Shopping Centre) five kilometres from the city centre. I wonder how many parents from there will shuttle their kids per car to the Ard Scoil Ris / Salesians?

(2) Working in the city centre.

The River Point for example is only 1 kilometre walking distance away. Walking would be hands down quicker than driving! The city needs family friendly apartments. To date developers have constructed apartments mainly for childless couples, singles or students. This site would be an excellent opportunity to build on such mature parkland grounds.

The chaotic traffic congestion around all city schools is very much the same. Maybe the school yards should introduce a drive-thru-system :rolleyes: like McDonalds McDrive with one entrance, then splitting into ten assembly lanes and merging back together to exit.

If you want to discuss decent tailbacks then collect me out in Annacotty ]and[/B] by the time we are in town (via Dublin or Ballysimon road), I will guarantee you that the alternative of strolling from the NCR into the city centre is a much better option.

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