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I like the big proposed tower in the 2nd pic. Its original.

Whatever “landmark” tower they end up building on that site isnt going to look anything like what you see in the promo, its a bit too crazy looking for our mediocre building standards in Ireland. The image was only released to get people excited about the docklands development, the reality is somewhat different though. The whole process is locked in a stalemate with the Limerick port users group at war with Shannon Foynes Port Company. Apparently seen as the SFPC are a state owned company any proposed sale or closure of the docks would need government approval. I can see this one dragging on for quite some time!

Report on future of docklands to be published

AN interim report from the Limerick Docklands Consultative Forum Steering Committee into the future of docks will be published next week, the Limerick Chronicle can reveal.
The committee which is chaired by Tom Kirby of the Mid-Western Regional Authority and includes Limerick City and County Councillors, Limerick City and County Managers, representatives from the Port Users, Shannon Foynes Port Company and Shannon Development have been working for the last 12 months on proposals on how best to develop the docklands.

At yesterday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Joe Leddin a member of the committee, revealed that they were “very close” to publishing an interim report.

The Chronicle can now reveal that the document will be made available on Thursday June 7 next.

But not everyone was convinced of the progress.Cllr Kiely told members he heard “signals” from bodies involved in the committee that “they want to sell off the docklands, without giving any consideration to us. That committee is a sham, if that is the case,” he claimed.

“The sooner ye scrap it, the better. Ye want the money to go to Foynes, that is plain and simple,” the irate Fine Gael Councillor said.

Mayor Joe Leddin, a member of the Steering Committee disputed Cllr Kiely’s claims.

“It is progressing well and councillors will come back to City Council to report on it. I fully accept that we must retain a working port, but there seems to be some misinformation out there and I would like to clarify that these rumours are not true.”

Cllr Kiely, jumping to his feet, referred to legal matters currently ongoing at Shannon Foynes Port Company. “We are being kept in the dark about what is going on there. It is taxpayers’ money we are dealing with,” he said.

Mayor Leddin told Cllr Kiely to sit down: “That is nothing to do with the forum” to which Cllr Kiely replied: “Of course it has.”

Acting chairman of Shannon Foynes Port Company, Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon called for the councillors to keep an open mind until the publication of the report.

“There is no inquiry going on, there are a number of legal issues. Mayor Leddin is perfectly right, it is not our policy to sell the docks, or to the close down the docks. We agreed to set up a committee who would produce a report and at the end of the day we will consider that report. We must keep our minds open until we see that report,” he said.

Mayor Leddin said that ultimately the City Council would not have a say in the future of the docklands, he said that the Shannon Foynes Port Company’s responsibility was to develop the docks how best they see fit, but he said there was no reason for panic.

“I do not think that after working with them for the last 12 months that they will turn around and put up a for sale sign over the docks. I do not see that happening,” Mayor Leddin said.

Limerick Chronicle 29 May 2007

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