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@CologneMike wrote:

Tuborg, I would differ here with you when comparing both developments.

Firstly the original 59/60 O’Connell Street building was not a Georgian building, whereas no’s 101-104 are or were. Therefore in my opinion a modern building in the case of no’s 59/60 would be more appropriate than building a Georgian replica there. In the case of placing a modern building in a Georgian setting then it should blend proportionally in size and the materials (red and limestone cladding) used reflect the tone of the street. For my taste the architect / developer did well here, my only gripe is the security shutter, it disfigures the building at night.

Fully agree with you on no’s 103/104. Two more Georgian buildings lost. Here was a clear case for conservation! A public statement outlining the circumstances would be in order. It seems very strange as a lot of effort was spent with securing the site and neighbouring building with steel girders? I had a look on the Healy and Partners site but found nothing on display regarding no’s 101-104. You don’t have a close up of the sketch on the To-Let bill board?

Maybe I didnt express myself clearly enough! I wasnt suggesting that a mock georgian building should have been constructed in place of the 2 single storey infill buildings(59/60 O Connell St), that would just have been sheer pastiche! What I was suggesting was that replacing 2 Georgian buildings with a similar design just because they might not have been suitable for whatever use the developer had in mind(offices and retail) was unacceptable. Its a clear case of Limerick City Council taking the easy way out yet again, this project was developer dictated right from the outset!:mad:

Just one more thing, the ground floor facade is quite different in some earlier renders, or is this just an alternative design?

The letting agents for 103/4 O Connell Street are Power & Associates, however theres no mention of the development on their site as of yet!

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