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@Paris Jack wrote:

That’s the great irony isn’t it, it is you and many others there in Limerick who are dreaming of such a development. We’re talkin’ about psychology here in my opinion. There is a certain little mind set there in Limerick that is without any doubt holding this city back from reaching it’s true potential. They probably don’t even see it…???? They like living in a matchbox town! Or should I say fucking red brick city? This is a major problem for sure. What the hell is it with the red bricks anyway? Why shouldn’t a development like this come to Limerick? Why have you, and others got a problem with this? Why are you all afraid of real tall buildings anyway? This is a problem all over Ireland, not just Limerick! Just crazy!:confused: Do you think they will fall over on your head or something? It would be no harm if they did come to think of it. It might knock some fucking sense into some people there in Limerick!!! Maybe my uncle has spent a little too long there in the “desert” but at least he has the ambition and the courage to look to the FUTURE!!! This is the future!!! It’s not like they were going to put it in the middle of O’ Connell St. That would be stupid!!! It would (as I’ve already said) need a lot of open ground!! Not in the city, but close enough to be apart of it!! Certain people in Limerick badly need to open their small little minds before Limerick turns into a complete mess!!! I suppose the cheapass gargage they’re currently putting up is just fine, huh? Well that’s just fucking typical!!! You can’t even get a train to the fucking airport from Limerick City for christ sakes, nevermind getting around to putting up glass towers, that are too good for them anyway!!! People with small narrow minds don’t deserve such developments in my opinion!!! I actually feel sorry for Limerick City to be honest….:(

Jack, it’s not that I lack ambition, it’s just I’d rather enjoy parks and riverwalks than highrise buildings. Now, if you want to build off the river and in an place in need of redevelopment, say, the Island field or John Street then I appluad your vision. Why pick there to build, why pick a protected wetlands when there is plenty of places which actually need re-development?

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