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So basically 4, 5, 6 & 7 Rutland St are to be totally demolished while 8 & 9 will have their facades retained. I can’t quite visualise that. I’d need to go down and check, but if anybody can name the shops/businesses that were in those numbers I’d be grateful.

It appears that the building housing the Limerick Post is to be left alone. If so, I wonder why The Green Onion has vacated the place? It would be an absolute travesty if such a fine structure was interfered with.

What you listed is the original planning proposal as in the inspectors’s report. This had been rejected in part by An Bord Pleanála. The conditions laid down for 4, 5, 8 and 9 Rutland street are in the Board’s Direction see Link


(A) The Georgian period buildings No’s 4 and 5 Rutland Street shall be conserved and repaired. The new build shall not oversail the retained No’s 4 and 5 Rutland Street.

(B) The front facades of the Georgian period buildings No’s 8 and 9 Rutland Street shall be conserved and repaired generally as indicated in the revised drawings submitted to the planning authority on the 12th April 2006, but the design of the ground floor shall be revised to reflect the existing shopfronts, with two main doorways, and the ground floor façade shall be integrated into the new build (that is there shall not be a second, hidden façade behind the ground floor façade).

I understand that 6 and 7 Rutland Street will be demolished as planned (were these two buildings not rebuilt in the early 1980’s?)

The Green Onion Restaurant and the Limerick Post are in the Old Town Hall building. If the Old Town Hall had a house number then it must be number 10. Therefore it is as far as I know not part of the Opera Centre proposal.

Curiously enough in the same building is the Griffith College (Mid West Business Institute) and was there not reports recently by them that they were looking for a larger building? If so what will become of the building?

Have there been any signs around that they are starting this Shopping centre at all.

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