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Boundary extension

There are some people holding this city back…

It’s people who object to the Boundary extension. I can imagine people from outside this country would laugh at this petty issue which has being on the agenda for the last 30 years…

I do not even blame the Government entirely either.

It has not got a boundary extension since 1950 and 50% of the population is now outside the city boundary at present[/B]. Planning is not balanced out and there are two development plans for this city. Limerick county plan (involves 50% of the city) and the City development plan itself. which is stupid. . City is continuing to spread out into Clare and Limerick with no proper infrastructure or planning.

The polictians here and leaders of this city cannot agree or sit down at a table As this city is divided now into three constituencies I.e. 50% of limerick city is in it’s boundary, 40% in Limerick county and 10% falls into Clare. Limerick is in also now reaching the Tipperary border at Newport.

This carry with on with keeping this city underbounded with no proper planning is unacceptable and not in the best interest of Limerick city and region as a whole.

This city is losing out as result of these County cavemen around the table fighting over land that is naturally part of this city.

Areas such as Moyross, Parteen and neighbouring regions is part of the Limerick agglomeration but are within In Clare and Limerick County These areas are substandard, inadequate and very accessible compared to the areas within the city limits. Many locals have constantly complained to the County council to improve roads around the area. “Where is the money going”

All the money coming from these suburbs within Limerick city whether it’s rates, levies, new developments etc etc. are being transferred to less well off regions of Clare and Limerick county to their improve roads, housings, schools etc… Which is fine if Funding is balanced. Limerick city council is only scraping by and is only making a marginal profit because of it’s high rates. Now It’s further pushing businesses to move out of the city into the suburbs creating a dougnut effect. Limerick County and Clare are happy to see. A city needs to deveop in and then outwards not the other way round.

The Government should act urgently, to make the decision to go ahead with the extension and bring it under one super authority.

It would bring back investment into the entire region and will prosper. The monopoly of this city cannot remain in the hands of the Limerick/Clare county councils 🙂 It’s being dragged on for too long and now needs national attention as the boundary issue cannot be hands of local politicians no more!

Figures from CSO (Central statistics office)
Area Sqm Pop
Limerick 2,035 52,539
Cork 3,961 119,418
Galway 5,025 72,414
Waterford 4158 45,748

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