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@justnotbothered wrote:

The reason nothing can be done either in or with the potato market is becuase the Courts badly need it for parking, they aren’t allowed use the the City Hall carpark, afaik. nothing will happen while Judges and solicitors still need it on a daily basis as a carpark.

However, in the Leader during the week, it was mooted that there might be an new Courts complex built on Mulgrave st, seeing as the current Courthouse (despite remodelling) is too small, and crucially, is too often on the news showing St. Marys and City Hall in a bad light, the City fathers appeared concerned it creates a bad image of the city.

If the Court were to move, it opens up the whole area in new context. imo, the Courts should be moved and then we can focus on redeveloping the entire area.

Unfortunately I think they’re only talking about moving the district court (for now anyway!) At the moment theres the fairly bizarre set up of the district court being housed within the City Hall complex, apparently its been that way since the new civic offices opened in the late 80s, Id love to know who came up with this genius arangement! I couldnt be sure but im guessing that the district court sits at least 1 day a week and you do see some undesirables hanging around outside it every now and again, not an ideal scenario when you consider that the tour buses pull up literally yards away!

Limerick circuit court is housed in the county courthouse right beside City Hall on Merchants Quay, the building was completely refurbished 2/3 years ago! Again its location isnt exactly ideal!.. there was talk a couple of years back that St. Josephs hospital was to be offloaded by the Health Board and that the Courts service were interested in a move there, (its also right beside Limerick prison!:p )


1. Limerick Circuit Court
2. Limerick City Hall

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