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I see your problem now Oblicorn – it’s a tricky one.
How frustrating to be part of a one-off semi, if only there were more on the street!

What I think is very clear is that the upstairs windows were simple one-over-one sashes, the proportions are pretty much correct.
Whereas I couldn’t confirm for sure, I’d be 99.9% sure!

Downstairs, I’d say sashes also prevailed, rather than casements (although still possible) but the sashes may very well have been of the design in the second pic. As you can see in that case, in order for the stained glass to be used, the upper sash has been made larger than the lower. However If these were used, it would be highly unlikely that the stained glass prevailed upstairs.

Looking your house, I have to say I wouldn’t have expected stained glass at all – simple one-over-one plain white sashes with horns seem the most likely. It is the stained glass in the aluminium frames (which incidently is no more Edwardian than I am) that is proving irritating. On first impressions one would expect there to be a precendent for that glass to exist, but there may never have been any – it could just be an olde worlde feature dreamed up at the time.
A clue could be the glass in or above the front door – is there any stained glass there? Or in the neighbour’s front door?

Have you asked the neighbour about their windows – they look like they were installed around 1990-96, i.e fairly recently.

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