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I’m afraid Lotts that glass flow is something of an urban legend, i.e. it doesn’t 🙂
Your Pilkingtons will be as flat as a pancake in 1,000,000 years let alone 100 – it’s a very appealing concept though!

Just looking at this site below which is handy for dates, the way glass is made today is the original Pilkington method from 1959 (although invented around 56) where the glass floats on a bath of molten tin, resulting in a flawless surface.
It would appear that largely flawless modern glass came about in 1923 with the Pilkington Polished Plate – would have taken a few years to get to Ireland though, and for it to be in widespread use.
Presumably this is the stuff used in all Corpo schemes round the country in the 30s, 40s & 50s.

Must take a look on late 1920s Upper O’Cll St and see if there’s any there (don’t have much to be doing) – though frankly I’d be lucky to find original windows let alone the feckin glass…:(

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