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Delightful isn’t it!

Is the glass in your door the same as your neighbour’s? That should tell you if it’s original.
Also, is there that leading effect on your upstairs windows too – it’s hard to see from the pic. This could also offer a clue, considering next door has it too on their PVCs.
Overall, considering the design of the house which is of the more simple and modern design than the more ‘heavy’ granite-linteled, granite dressed Edwardians with a deeper red brick, I would expect simple one-over-ones. But this is just my impression – it is possible it had casements, it is possible they were leaded, and it’s possible they had stained glass! It’s also possible they were sashes with all of the above!
The neighbours should hold the answer if they replaced them – although if they did that to the house, that would be the first and last time I’d be speaking to them 🙂

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