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@PVC King wrote:

The RPA predicted the numbers on Luas; I’ll take your word on that

They estimated about 20m passengers and approximate operational break-even the year before opening (2003).

but two things I would like you to consider are firstly the population density of the Luas Route to Dundrum which is infinitely higher than the density to old Ballymun

The population density along the route is not relevant – an apartment building next to the line will generate no trips if it is nowhere near a station. What matters is the actual and potential residential/worker/student density in walking distance around the stations and the popularity of the station location as a trip destination (for shopping or entertainment or whatever).

how many of the Red line passengers are using Luas to access Heuston Station and how many of them will continue to use it post interconnector?

I’m not sure how this question is relevant to MN ridership. The red line follows a different route from the IC. They intersect at Heuston and Docklands.IC will certainly take passengers from the red line for journeys between heuston and docklands, however both lines will feed passengers to each other. I expect overall ridership on the red line to increase post IC.

My interpretation is that the passenger forecasts were done by the RPA; please correct me if I am wrong on this;

I think they did their own forecasts based on the DTO demand prediction model. They would have had to get their estimates independently audited by one of the transport consultancies like Faber Maunsell.

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