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Good debate on here especially between PVC and marmajam.

I’ve sped read through a majority amount of posts back through 5 or 6 pages of this thread and something that one poster highlighted and appears to be missing is the ‘big picture’.

There is a hell of a lot of discussion relating to passenger numbers etc and the focus seems to be on the pop of certain area’s such as swords etc etc.

Now this may have cropped up before somewhere in this thread and if it has i apologies for repetition but have people forgotten about the concept of ‘park and ride’?

One would assume that the RPA have allowed for this in their plans as they have a Park n Ride facility at the red cow and sandyford for the existing LUAS lines.

Shurley commuters in the likes of Ashbourne, Slane and beyond would park up in a provided car park in Swords and hop on the tube into town rather than paying for city center parking fee’s, hassle and petrol?

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