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@markpb wrote:

I can easily. The other rail tracks (Dart, Suburban and Luas) that it connects with allow plenty of onward travel choices that cover a large part of the city.

Metro North relies heavily on the interconnector to justify its crazy terminus at Stephen’s Green, made worse by the fact that its construction is being prioritised over, and at the likely expense of the interconnector proceeding at all.

@markpb wrote:

You can’t expect them to build a single metro line that covers the entire city. It would be unacceptably expensive. This is a good start.

I don’t. I do however expect provision to be made for the inevitable extension. Its bad enough that they seek to destroy the integrity of Stephen’s Green, but by their lack of foresight clearly intend to go back and plough it up all over again in ten years time. Though, I suppose given the going over its about to receive, it won’t matter much at that point.

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