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I don’t believe this.

The gov now know EXACTLY what MN will cost. They have the tenders and have short listed 2 consortiums for BAFO.

This is not true, they may know the construction costs, you have to add to that the cost of preparing Railway Order (not yet complete, delayed) the cost of land purchase, legal costs, the cost of the delay due to ABP and most importantly the cost of the finance, as well as any indemnity agreed in the contract.

They have not yet secured funding, and so they dont know how much this will cost!
It could be 2.5BN with interest paid over 15 years or it cud be something different, we simply don’t know how much will need to be paid back and what the payment schedule will be. They may seek to pay nothing back until construction is complete, adding to the costs significantly. These are no small details.

Metro West is gone West, every dog in the street knows that, how can they start construction on it with no money and no Railway Order? In April the Dept Transport announced EUR20M saving by pulling the funding from the Metro West Railway Order project, so they are not preparing anything at the moment.

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