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I don’t believe this.

The planning app for metro west is being prepared right now. Check proper sources.

The gov now know EXACTLY what MN will cost. They have the tenders and have short listed 2 consortiums for BAFO.

you are simply making things up.

stay out of it if that’all you’ve got.

If you and PVC keep inventing data I will keep coming back with the correct data.

By what right do you consider you or PVC have the entitlement to make up data to back up your opinion?

any embarassment is the direct consequence of your own silly dishonesty

Both of you represent exactly what is wrong and why we have a country with crap archtecture and 3rd class infrastructure.

Total lack of confidence to build for the real world.

‘ssshhhh don’t try anything decent something terrible might happen’

you have the heart of a mouse.

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