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So I cost something that will be bought in 7 years on the basis of what it costs today?

No you establish a discount rate and devalue the known cost on that rate. Keep the personaility out of this. 😡

PVC King, your idea that integrated public transport means that different lines are connected by a track is a complete misunderstanding. Interchange stations for connecting to different lines is good integration. Also, would you refrain from trying to justify the DART airport spur idea. People have already outlined to you the problems with that proposal

Irish Rail in their 2004 Rail Plan made the proposal to do this as part of the Dublin Rail Plan. They are railway professionals with the technical expertese in house to kniow what does and doesn’t work.

Integrated means many things; however interconnected means that routes can be combined; Metro is not a runner as it adds no new routing options and will never be the spine of anything. It is simply too expensive at an annual subvention of at least €4.35 per passenger carried and that is interest cover alone.

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