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PVC wrote:
“You display further financial illiteracy in not knowing that in costing any project you need to find a price that is based at Net Present Value|”

So I cost something that will be bought in 7 years on the basis of what it costs today?

that wouldn’t be a schoolboy attempt to cover your mistakes PVC?

Might have have been better off trying the reliable “the dog ate me estimates” 😀

MN, which interchanges with the Maynooth line, the Luas Red and Green lines and the DART underground (as well as numerous bus routes) is a stand alone line?

The mangled logic of a contrived argument methinks…………….

The same arguments that were used against the DART and the Luas are stil being used against MN.
Given the historical underestimates of growth it is more likely it will be oversubscribed early in it’s life.
The public have shown they are ready to embrace good quality public transport.

MN is a more rational development in the longer term than squeezing everything from Fingal into the Northern Dart line.

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