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To a certain extent I would agree that the Metro North probably isn’t feasible in this climate, however I’m not fully up to speed on the funding arrangements on this? Have any posters an idea of the government cost/taxpayer cost on this particular PPP model, how much are the government in for on the whole deal?

With the Rail Procurement Agency in new offices in town and these Metro / LUAS projects their only function and the possible €50 or so million spent to date on the MN its likely therefore to be a runner.

Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t it a fight out between 2 candidate contractors presently and the tendering is at the Best and Final Offer stage (BAFO stage) and the project (MN) is designed (to a certian degree?)?

On a side issue; something that struck me a few times over the years is why their isn’t just one Government Agency for Rail Transport where ‘joined up thinking’ would be possible.

In this climate there must be justification for amalgamation of Irish Rail (maybe the projects / procurement section for starters) with the RPA with a view to cutting back on the costs of both of these Gov Agencies / Depts?

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