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Agreed on capacity there is nothing more frustrating than descending multiple escalators to the platform and seeing the display say 5 minutes; if typical underground loadings were to be delivered based on the population density along the proposed Metro North route then the sign on Metro North platforms outside peak times would probably say 12 minutes on average; if you just missed the Luas specification vehicle that just left for the next station.

Compare that to Interconnector where route options would be Airport, Swords/ Malahide or Howth and the frequency could be every 2 – 6 minutes and by virtue of the service being a through service as opposed to one terminating in the City Centre there would be significant passenger loadings from the West of the City as well.

For the Interconnector to really maximise its potential it is felt that the Metro West alignment should be looked at for the provision of Dart spurs from the Kildare line; what would it cost to develop spurs to say Tallaght and Porterstown to further increase loadings and in the case of the latter provide a second routing for services from West Dublin should service be disrupted in the inteconnector due to say a passenger incident.

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