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I don’t disagree with your analysis of the demand, or Cuffe’s, but even if we never built another three bed semi with a front and back garden, does Dublin not already have enough of this category of property to satisfy any possible future demand?

I believe there are, and a lot of them in areas such as Ballyfermot, Inchicore, Crumlin Cabra Glasnevin etc are “empty nests” in excellent locations. A lot of older folk whos children have left the nest wont move to a more suitable home, but luckily enough today’s generation have no problem moving around homes and apartment living will eventually catch on for older age groups as they do in other countries, this frees up the existing 3-bed semi stock of houses.

At some point around Dublin there needs to be a line drawn, inside of which we build a metropolitan center, perhaps the bounds of DCC whould suit this (D1-12 roughly I guess). In here we dont need front and back gardens any more, we dont need housing estates where the streets and pavements outside take up multiple more times space as the houses. You can still build houses here in medium-high density developments.
We do need good quality med-high density housing, cycle lanes, god transport/services, and connectivity to all places with (the current Dublin Bus spiders web is a scourge on the city), and a lot more…
Planners dream is right!

Outside the circle there would be designated med-high density areas such as Dundrum and Coolock.

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