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Just getting back to more simpler things. We have all made the point that there is a recession on and this major infrastructural projects are getting either pushed back or reassessed. I think that this is a time for a better streamline of current services, a streamline which will not cost as much as a metro or interconnector or a LUAS connector.

In Dublin the majority of people have access and use buses. I was angered by the cutbacks in Dublin Bus, which seemed to go against the idea of increasing passenger numbers and to get people to use cars less. Anyway, excluding that it is high time that all this hassle about integrated ticketing should be stopped and serious effort be put into it.

Also the pricing system for buses in Dublin is cumbersome and complicated. Dublin Bus should install a one price for bus services in the city. I believe Labour have this in their transport program for the last general election. For many people they may know and use one bus line. They will know how much it is to get from one or two places on that line but not if their length of that route changes. Also if one is to use a different bus line to get somewhere else they do not know how much it will cost. With the correct change and coins only rule this causes problems and delays and ultimately frustration. As we mentioned, London has a similar system for people who may not have an Oyster card. We should do the same.

Furthermore a lot of people don’t use buses because they don’t know when they will come. People are not going to wait at a bus stop not knowing when a bus will come. If people knew when a bus was coming regardless if it was on time or not people will have more incentive to use buses. Dublin Bus have been talking about a Real Time system for 9 years but nothing has occurred yet.

So for the moment, while the coffers are low for big infrastructural projects we should be seriously bashing heads in especially Dublin Bus and forcing a one price policy and Real Time information at buses. We should also finally finally FINALLY be forcing a system of integrated ticketing in Dublin.

That’s just my piece anyway.

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