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I wish I could share your view on where demand is; Ciaran Cuffe explained his take to my class in college and my experience in London bears his view out. People from 18 -30 flock to apartment living starting first in a house share or bedsit; then to a flash pad during their first serious relationship. Flat 2 is more often than not a bought 2 bed apartment and works for child 1; as soon as child two arrives child 1 is ready to start school; it suddenly dawns on them that there are limited eductional options in the City Centre and they relocate to the suburbs to have kid number 3 or simply educate the first 2 in a school with 50 acres of playing fields.

In the UK they use the commuter rail network in Dublin they move to 2 miles from Drogheda and in a good outcome they park and ride in a bad outcome they drive.

I do agree that demographics have changed completely and that the 19 – 30 phase more often than not is probably closer to 19 – 38 and that a sizeable proportion of the 39 – 45’s will if the right product goes on the market go for a 1,200 sq foot 4 bed flat. But another factor you need to work out is that where children play you can only hear them up to about 4 stories above ground whichj precludes this target market above this height.

I am all for the medium to high density infill you propose; but what I would hate to see is the East region of Dub/Kildare/Meath/Wicklow exclude all unsustainable housing types only to see counties Laois, Westmeath and Carlow continue granting planning permission for housing developments of 300 plus houses at 16 to the acre with no credible link to the rail network.

Realistically there is enough development land between Heuston and Clondalkin Castle alone to provide medium to high density development for the next 20 years. The question is what do you do in the 10 – 20 mile radius where people will be a lot less likely to accept apartment living. The first thing I would recommend is a complete ban on one off houses unless you actually farm land or can prove that you are caring for a parent who needs at least daily part time care.

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