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@Linog wrote:

Nothing to worry about. Lots of the good middle-class residents in the CIE Inchicore Estate are in favour of the urban regeneration of the CIE Inchicore Railway Works. . . . . . It’s an urban planners dream – a real high quality urban quarter could be created. The Inchicore Dart Station will be in the geometric centre of the CIE Inchicore Railway Works – very good forward planning.

This is very good news, Linog . . . . . I would just sleep with the lights on tonight if I was you.

@PVC King wrote:

Scenario 2 NAMA arranges syndicates of land owners as happened with Adamstown and 500 acre holding is developed around train station with apartments, retail centre, school and healthcare facility all within 5 minute walk of station . . . . . . 10,000 units all plugged in to low oil dependence and bought in the main by people who traditionally bought into spec dev estate named Devin, Hutton or Royceton . . .

Again I would say yes! this is progress, compared to your spec. developed sprawl, but no! this is not progress compared to filling in the blank spaces in the city itself.

I’m in awe of your knowledge of economics, but your position on the demand for front and back gardens is way of date. People will buy into good apartment living if the price is right and there’s a decent park near by.

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