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Well I have to say this is all very pleasant, everybody agreeing with each other and all that. The problem is that none of this is happening, or is likely to happen, not unless someone takes this city by the scruff of the neck.

Ruadhán’s point is that the money isn’t there for transport21, so we better find another way. Frank McDonald has been saying similar things for years. These are influential people, and we know the piggy bank is empty, so wishing for transport21 to happen and hoping that it’s the catalyst to better things, just may not be enough.

DCC have gone asleep, there’s nothing coming out of the Civic Offices to suggest that anyone in there has a clue what to do now that the money’s all gone and they can’t afford consultants anymore.

In times like these, we should be bombarded with ideas, plans, visions, instead of going into cryogenic suspension until somebody somehow gets the building boom going again.

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