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I tend to see Dublin as a small city that needs to make that leap to medium sized city, and obviously the biggest hurdle to that is the large derelict and industrial areas littered around the edge of the centre – but this land should be a town planners dream, the opportunities to create wonderful new areas of central Dublin are huge, and I honestly think an underground will be the biggest shot of adrenaline to that process for areas like Heuston.

I have to agree, it’s time for a new kind of development plan for the City.
The days of people flocking to commuter towns are over, the focus is now on living within the city, there’s plenty of room there and the challenge should be accommodate a couple hundred thousand more ppl with the bounds of DCC.
All fitting around transport21 if course.

-Identifying suitable brown field sites could achieve half of this

-Addressing and halting the declining population in may areas within DCC would achieve some more, basically there is an ageing population in many parts of the city; empty nest syndrome. This can be tackled easily by encouraging families into these areas (key worker initiative, affordable housing and family services, safe cycling routes etc)

-Densification of urban villages, this is key to the successful and sustainable development of Dublin as this is where most of the new urbanites will be living. good quality planning guidelines, and a review of Area plans to encourage further densification and integration with transport21 will achieve a lot for the city.

Anyway that’s a bit of my dream, Dublin really does seem to be ready for a leap in development, and the catalyst is definitely transport21 so here’s hoping none of these projects are scrapped.

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