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You don’t think that Phoenix Park, RKH and the (when finished) Heuston Framework Plan would provide a reason for people to get off at Heuston?

But still:

Link the provision of Dart underground to well planned, medium density, urban regeneration, using CPO powers if necessary, and we might get somewhere.

Definitely agree!

“Metropolitan Dublin” really needs to be extended out to regions like Heuston, and obv the docklands.

I tend to see Dublin as a small city that needs to make that leap to medium sized city, and obviously the biggest hurdle to that is the large derelict and industrial areas littered around the edge of the centre – but this land should be a town planners dream, the opportunities to create wonderful new areas of central Dublin are huge, and I honestly think an underground will be the biggest shot of adrenaline to that process for areas like Heuston.

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