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@PVC King wrote:

Dublin is developed North – South on DART; what it needs is the ability to go west into open country where the genius of Adamstown can be replicated ad infinitum.

Wo! stop the bus.

No more satelite towns. Adamstown is no substitute for fixing the city.

The debate should be about how we densify not whether we densify. None of the transport/cost equations will ever work until we force the density up.

The city needs to focus on the dead land-banks that contribute nothing, but drag the density calculations down, like the Guinness compound, the Heuston rail yard, Grangegorman (which is now probably going to stall), the Glass Bottle site (NAMA hopefully), chunks of Sandymount Strand (if I had my way) etc. etc. not keep trying to tweek the transport system of a hopelessly out of control sub-urban sprawl.

Scrapping over which bit of secondhand infrastructure we should re-use, whose back yard not to put the portals in, which drain it’s better to pour the money down, and whether we want Luas on-street or Dart underground is all so depressing when we can’t even agree that Dublin’s density is the fatal flaw.

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