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Master MacEoin made a reasonable post to defend his plan.
Still that hardly mitigates the reality that the plan is poorly researched.
The plan is based on 2 illusions. The IC is not proposed because IE likes to spend big.
Their aim is to solve the big very obvious and longstanding issue of bringing the Heuston line into the CC.
And in the process lay the basis for a future high qualty public transport system.
MacEoin wants to punish them for proper forward-thinking planning.
And on the basis of his ‘impression’ that their aim is ‘to spend big’
Secondly the Gov is very determined to go ahead with both the IC and MN.
Again MacEoin ‘knows’ better – he thinks they won’t happen.
This in spite of repeated assertions that these projects will go ahead.
But on the basis of having a bit of a think about it MacEoin knows more………
As far as the scheme itself is concerned.
The corridor through the PP tunnel/Phibsboro and into Spencer Dock might be a fairly densely populated area but this does not at all mean a service will be well patronised.
Most of the central Dublin people movement lines are along the arteries into the CC.
As it stands a link through the PP tunnel to Spencer Dock is comparable with the North London Link line as it was 15/20 years ago.
This was a knitting together of various lines that strung across North London from Stratford to the Wimbledon area.
This line runs through very densely populated areas.
But few used it.
However since the completion of the Jubilee line extension and other transport developments it has become like an outer Circle line and it highly patronised. Because it no longer caters simply for the stray traveller who wants to traverse across north London from East to West – it now connects well with other elements of the London transport network.
The PP tunnel will have a role when other elements of public transport are developed. Before that it will be a white elephant.
Master MacEoin would have been wise to consult with IE to hear what their considered view was of his ideas.

By attempting to undermine what is a rational and well thought plan (the IC) and without bothering to consult with those who are perhaps best placed to know the salient issues, and further create the impression, that the IC is a wasteful irresponsible and unnecessarily glamorous luxury the author abuses the power of the media, planting poison in the minds of the sheep who read this guff and adds to the factors that have delivered a woeful public transport system to the capital city of the Gael.
I condemn this crazed proposal and all who sail in her.

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