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One other thing marmajam, it does nothing for clarity of your argument to go back and add in another point after your post has been subsequently quoted; you posted at 5.22, and added in a new point at 7.54 after your post was quoted.

Anyhow re “(4)It’s not so expensive or difficult to engineer the reconfiguration of thePP line into Connolly. The problem is there’s no capacity for these services. This problem cannot be wished away.”

That’s not what has been suggested – diverting trains into Spencer Dock instead has. Such does not add load onto Connolly’s capacity, but would instead relieve it.

@marmajam wrote:

what are you babbling on about ‘points’ for?

don’t try to muddy the issue.

this is a message board.

the insults are the points.

I think I’ll just leave this one stand. Nothing else needs to be said.

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